Canadian troops must leave Afghanistan now and MacKay must resign

Our men and women in the military are dying in Afghanistan. Canada has lost 77 of its troops since 2002. For what ? To support the druglords who run the Karzai government. The Talibans are gaining ground every day and now extending their terror operations to Pakistan. Afghanistan was the US's battleground against the other 'evil', the soviet union. And to battle on this ground, the US fertilised it with terrorists and withdrew from there, not even looking to wage a serious war against the very source of the terror that struck it in its heart on september 11th, preferring to invest the oil fields of Iraq. But the US left this mess in the hands of Nato to clean it up. Nato has been unable so far to clean this mess. Part of the problem is US's policy toward the Afghan puppet government, the Pakistani puppet government, the Saudi puppet government, and every Muslim and Arab dictatorial and corrupt puppet government the US is supporting, along with a very bellicose rethoric about Islam. This combination is breeding submissive regimes in Muslim and Arab countries and fueling hatred of the US and the west.

Meanwhile, our men and women in the military are dying for the US to be able to perpetuate tragic errors and to cast them as 'War on Terror'.

The arrogance of the US doesn't stop there. Not only are they able to cast their own tragic failure in Iraq as a success but they are unable to recognise the hard work of small countries investing huge amounts of money and human flesh in a war they did not start, unable to recognise that the failure of these countries in Afghanistan is due to the local and global policies of the US in the 'War on Terror'.

Today, secretary of defense Robert Gates criticised Nato for not 'knowing how to fight a guerilla insurgency'. The comment was judged 'outrageous' even by conservative commentators in Canada. Holland and the UK are asking for apologies. But our own conservative Bushminded government and defense minister are trying to excuse Mr Gates by saying that Gates did not criticise the work of Canadian troops in particular. I find Mr. MacKay's answer very disturbing when Canadian troops are dying for the US's mistakes and when Canada's participation in a war that could not be won is hugely largely condemned and decried by Canadian citizens.

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Ted said...

I would really pull out after what Gates said.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4384

Sophia said...


Canada is a small country and going very much the US's way now. Harper comes from an oil rich province and Christian right environment. So why a schoolyard bully should bother to apologise to those whom he already converted to serve under his banner. In the process he may risk loosing some of his perceived 'leadership' qualities. That's exactly how the US behaves vis-a-vis Canada with the Harper government.

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