Sarkoland of Vulgarity

"I live my life," he says, "and I couldn't care less about the comments of others. During the last 12 years, people became accustomed to seeing grandpa and grandma in the Élysée. I have a new style. The whole world will have to get used to it. Now the French have a real man in the Élysée, a man who has something between his legs and uses it."


Elizabeth said...

I think this is a revolting comment, although I also don't care about Sarkozy's personal life.

Sophia said...


I, like you, don't care about his personal life but I am revolted that this man has become the president of France.

Naj said...

Well, vulgar he is, but is it a disadvantage in France?!

Sophia said...


It depends. But you are absolutely right. Actually, some 53 % of the French deserve this man. To be charitable, a percentage of these 53% were duped.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

غزة اقتحمت وحررت مصر
Gaza has liberated Egypt!

Naj said...


I wish to know your opinion on this analysis.

did Hamas beat Israel, 3 to 0?

Sophia said...


For the time being, yes. This was a smart move by Hamas. Now Israel is saying that the Gza strip is Egypt's problem. And that's partially true. Egypt (the state) is Israel's ally, but Israel, as the US, is always ungrateful. In my opinion Israel's thinking is shortsighted. It is true that Egypt will have to bear the burden of Gaza and the Islamist movement. That, added to its own islamists is a sure forecast fro trouble. However, Israel is thinking that igniting religious wars in Arab countries will, for the time being, give the zionist state some time to push away a negotiated solution for Palestine and to inact their own facts on the ground; fomenting civil wars and extending settlements. All this without having to bear any pressure from the international community. However, the Egyptian state is on the brink of collapse and if it collapses, it might bring a situation for Israel similar to what we have in Lebanon. If it doesn't collapse, then the Egyptian state, despite this setback from israel, will have to continue its oppressive policies on its own population and Islamists, and with them on the Palestinians.

The question is how far the international community will be willing to let Israel go in this game of extending unrest in the ME in order not to negotiate any peace settlement ? The future is unsure...

Naj said...

This seems to be indeed the new project similarities between Pakistan and Egypt are becoming stronger by day!

I must say our Canada is nto something to be too proud about these days!

annie said...

Je n'arrive pas à croire qu'il a dit ça. Mais il l'a dit puisque tu le dis. C'est trop énorme.
Les chefs politiques actuels manquent de plus en plus de classe (et je ne parle pas de leurs idées)Sarkozy est déjà aussi peu classe que Bush ou Berlusconi.
Une amie proche qui a voté Sarko, se mord les doigts.
Il y avait Beyrou,dommage; mais Royal n'était vraiment pas très convaincante.

Sophia said...


je ne fais que citer Spiegel, qui est quand même un journal sérieux et qui prend ses précautions quand il rapporte les propos d'un homme comme Sarkozy. Le problème c,est que la presse française, rpopriété des amis de Sarkozy, ne rapporte rien de négatif sur lui. Comme la presse Allemande le déteste en général, c,est là que je prends mes infos.

J'ai voté Bayrou, je voualis de tout mon coeur qu'il gagne. J'espère que les français seront vite désenchantés de ce clown qui se sert du pouvoir pour des fins personelles.

Rene said...


you are right he is a clown.


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