Anti-US anger spreading along with permanent US military bases

Protesters set ransack the US embassy alight in Belgrade. Photograph: AP

Protesters set fire to the American embassy in Belgrade tonight and then attacked the neighbouring Croatian embassy after 150,000 Serbs gathered in the city to demonstrate against the independence of Kosovo.

Read this interview on Kosovo independance in Spiegel with Balkans expert Dusan Reljic: 'Kosovo Is not Independent, It Is an EU Protectorate'

The irony is that on this same day, we have news that the US is expanding its permanent miltary bases around southwest Asia and the ME.

And this is how the world, and especially the ME, will look sixty years from now with all these US military bases.

More on Okinawa here.

Meanwhile the US military will claim that its presence is for self defense. Of course, you invade countries, take land, kill people, and they should be grateful. Like people in Gaza should be quiet and thankful for Israel because Israel in bombing them and starving them is only acting in self defense, exactly like the US. Israel didn't invade these people and stole their land in the first place. It's all their fault. The causal chain must stop before any blame can be attributed to the powerful and the occupier. Whatever the occupying force does before it reacts to the occupied people anger is not pertinent. Broken narratives, distorted memories, are something we should live with, no matter how far we are from the Truth.


Ted said...

At one time when someone said "I am an American" people looked at them with envy, now they look at them with hate in their eyes.

Now we are told to say "We are Canadian" if we travel overseas.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4427

Sophia said...


What you say about Americans pretending to be Canadians is true.
In 2005 we were traveling in Lebanon as I introduced my family for the first time to the country. We met an American among Baalbeck roman ruins and we chatted for a while. He, of course, first introduced himslef as a Canadian but as we were Canadians, he was no longer able to pretend.

Sophia said...

The US citizens I know are very nice people. The thing that puzzles me is that how successive US governments were able to sell to US citizens some faraway wars, all in the name of fear. Not all imperial powers are necessarily bad but I must confess that the US imperial adventures were and still a mess in terms of producing some positive outcome for the people who are occupied. That's because, in my opinion, inherently part of American history where indigenous people were never people to mix with but to eliminate and subjugate (I am referring here to Indians Americans). That's the main reason why the US wasn't able to succeed in Latin America as an imperial power, despite geographical continuity. The rest of America, except maybe some exceptions, thanks to the Spanish imperial heritage, have transcnded the separation of people, race, and ethnies. But not the US. The US is still mainly a White colonial power as when the first Europeans arrived on the continent. That may explain the failures of the US's imperial adventures.
But Barack may be elected and I don't know if he will be able to bring some change, but if he does, it would be indirectly in the message sent by the people of the US to their current political class. 'We have overcome the separation barrier of races' This, in my point of view, will be the first positive outcome of the election of Obama and may influence public opinion in the US about other people.

Naj said...

I know little about the Balkans, but when listening to Serbs, there is a strong conviction in their conversations that Milosvic was an American implant, PLACED to break peace and tranquility!

Isha' said...

Kosovo is free, that's good news. I can thank US for that.

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