"The West is blind to Palestinian suffering"

Tariq Ali on Israel, Palestine, and why he is not participating in the Turin book fair.


Ted said...

Yes we are. The media doesn't cover it. The government doesn't want us to know about it.

We are controlled by Israel.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4423

Sophia said...

I am always surprised how much only one side of the story is present in western media. For some reason, this can be understood coming from israelis themselves but how Israel was able to draw entire countries to adopt its point of view ?
the particularity of the israeli state is all those binational citizens having one strong allegiance to Israel but yet living and benefiting from having another citizenship in other countries where they not only benefit from opportunities but also force their own point of view...and eventually their own wars...Did you see Liebermman campaignaing for McCain ? It is strange...yet the people in the US don't feel it as such because many prejudices, positive for Israel, and negative for Arabs, were built during all these years by the media and the political elite.

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