Do Americans Believe Palestinians Have The Right to Exist?

From Timothy Gatto in Talking Points Memo.

At every attempt to pressure Israel into peace, Israel responds by more provocation which it knows will be followed by more violence. And the first of these provocations for stateless, houseless Palestinians is the Israeli settlements.

Israel has been able to expand, since 1967, by creating unlawful facts on the ground, facts that do not attract condemnation, or when they attract it at the UN, it is vetoed by the US. These facts have two goals, delay and eliminate the possibility of any peace process, and then create a provocation resulting in acts of violence from the Palestinians. These acts of violence become an a posteriori justification for the unlawful facts created by Israel on the ground in total contempt for international law and Human rights.

You have for example many stories like this one.

And this one: Israel announces 750-unit West Bank expansion.

And this: Rogue Israeli settlements in West Bank continue...(not 'rogue' to Israel)

Attitudes in the US toward Israeli settlements (2003).

Timothy Gatto cites money and electablility issues as reasons for US politicians to side always with Israel. But this is not actually the attitude of the majority in the US. The only logical conclusion that can be drawn from this discordance is that US politicians are not elected by the people but by the money and the lobbies that operate in Washington.

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"Do Americans Believe Palestinians Have The Right to Exist?"


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