How German Intelligence Helped Justify the US Invasion of Iraq

There is a wealth of information in this Spiegel article, and the accompanying ones, on the single flawed human source, Curveball, that helped shape the false narrative for the Iraq War.

It is interesting to find out that even countries who were apparently opposed to the Iraq war like Germany, have contributed to this war in a certain way, and even more than one might think. Was it payback time for Germany ? Well, I wonder if it won't be payback time for Germany all the way...And I wonder, and the article doesn't tell, which country Germany was paying back ???

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Amre El-Abyad said...

"which country Germany was paying back"


Well, Sophia, in order to be able answer your question in a logical fashion, we have to look at who benefited most from the destruction of Iraq.

First We get Iran whose influence and weight has been significantly boosted by the destruction of the strong Iraq, which defeated it in 1988 and checked its integration into the Middle East.

Secondly, we have Israel which is exalted at knocking out the once highly prospective Iraq from the Power games in the Middle-East.

Thanks to the invasin of Iraq, Palestinians cause is over- Arabs are dead. What is left for the Palestinians is some malicious games being played by Iran to distract the Arab street from its ethnic cleansing policies in Iraq, which once has been consolidated they will promptly sell out the Plaestinians to their tactical foes but straegic allies- the Israelians.

Arabs are dead


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