Sarkozy the anglophile

When I was a child in Lebanon I was told many funny stories having a central character Jeha. These stories are part of the folkore tradition but they are in fact universal. Jeha is simple minded, dumb, pathetic, and funny. One of these stories goes like this: Jeha broke the main water pipe connecting the village to the source and when asked why he answered: 'I did this to get people to talk about me'.

Sarkozy's politics, domestic and foreign, has been all about that. Even his marriage. The tension between France and Germany has been building since Sarko was elected. One has to browse one of the main German newspapers to realise that Germany doesn't like Sarkozy. This is a clear departure from France's traditional European alliances. Sarkozy doesn't like to be challenged and he wasn't going to be in good terms with Merkel, a woman, a daughter of a pastor and a former physics professor and researcher. Merkel is all subtelty, protestant rigorism, and old fashioned European rationalism. Sarko is emotional, not subtle and the contrary of a morally rigorous person. Sarkozy found his political model in Tony Blair and the British new labour. The man works by personal affinities away from rational judgement. And, like Jeha, Sarkozy is breaking the water pipe between Germany and France and trying to build another one with the UK. Will he succeed ? I doubt...But he will be surely talked about.
Sarkozy the anglophile. Is it genetic ?

Nicolas Sarkozy has kicked off his eagerly-anticipated visit to the UK by urging both counties to "move from being cordial to being friendly" as many of the British papers print naked pictures (nsfw) of his wife.

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Ben Heine said...

Great post.
J'adore tous les liens que tu fais avec divers faits d'actualité.
j'approuve tt à fait ton commentaire sur Sarkozy...

Sophia said...

Salut Ben,

Heureuse de te voir sur mon blog. A bientôt,


dubhaltach said...

Steve Bell has something I think you will enjoy :-)

annie said...

Ah Jouha ! Quand on commence à se débrouiller un peu dans une de tes langues, quel plaisir de le découvrir.

Wolfie said...

The photos of his wife did brighten a normally dreary tube journey to work so Sarkozy's visit wasn't entirely a waste of time after all.

Jeb Koogler said...

There was a long article about the Merkel-Sarkozy tension in the Economist recently. Also: what do other Arab countries call this Jeha character? I have read about him, but I feel like he had a different name...

Sophia said...


Warm thanks, you know I adore Bell's cartoons.

Sarkozy's women are indeed a distraction and I am wondering if they haven't actually permanently damaged his seriousness and standing.

Is this hiow they call Jeha in Syria ? That's an answer for Jeb.

I have no idea but Annie's answer gives us at least a variation on this name as it is known in Syria (Annie has lived there for quite few years and studied Arabic).

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