A US Story: white woman meets black man

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the US primaries, I am interested in public reactions to race and gender in the democratic party primary.
Well I was surprised today that unconsciously, and in matters of subliminal perceptions not analysed rationally, it is race that is still a problem in the US. Probably more than the gender issue, more than the Islam issue. I thought that the media were pretty soft on Hillary, probably afraid of being accused of gender bias. After all, they would have called the elections for Barack Obama after yesterday's results if he was facing someone else than Hillary because there is no way Hillary can win the nomination arithmetically in what remains of the primaries. Instead they are celebrating her comeback.
I am not for either candidates but I was surprised today to read that the Hillary campaign, after having used the ethnic religious issue against Barack Obama, is now using the race issue in a very ugly manner, much more uglier than early Bill Clinton's insinuations about Obama. They are betting on the public negative subliminal perception of a black man. Look for yourself.


Amre El-Abyad said...

I think it will be a disaster if a black man coms into the white house. Because he will try to prove that he is "whiter" than the whites", and only Arabs wil pay for that:) Look at Condaleeza Rice, I am sure that she has got an issue with Arabs.

Sophia said...


That's a racist comment. Considering all Black people the same, all white the same, all women the same, all Muslims the same, any group in one block, is racist. This is lack of respect for each individual, outside his race, ethnicity, or religion...

Wolfie said...

My problem with Obama is that he sounds and acts like a facsimile of Tony Blair in 1997, and my precognitive senses are ringing out loud and clear. He will disappoint the White, Arab and Black people of America in equal measure.

Don’t be so hard on Amre, he is coarse in his words but he is right in sentiment. His only error is to assume that he will please the whites - he will please no one of good heart.

Sophia said...


I am not being hard on Amr. I do not agree with the first sentence of his comment. I don't think it will be a disaster if a black man comes to the white house. Because this black man is a US citizen and a US Politician, that's what qualifies him first and most to be in the white house, not his colour.

I expect nothing from Obama, from Clinton neither. Actually, I think the US and the world are in deep mess. What has been done couldn't be undone by one person.

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