Right now I cannot think of anything else.

Hunger is another name for what we call shamelessly 'The global food crisis'.

Key findings of the UN food crisis report.

An exhaustive report from Spiegel.

The Why

UN Food expert: The food crisis is a 'silent Tsunami'

In Pictures

Knut Hamsun's Hunger gives psychological depht and moral insight into this undignified state of Humanity.


annie said...

Like you, I am thinking of this all the time these days. The future of the world looks bleak.

Sophia said...

Dear Annie,

This hunger is different from previous ones, I can't say why but I am reading a lot and the prospects of getting out from such a crisis are dim.

Ted said...

Food prices are going up, fuel is going up. Riots breaking out in the poorer countries. Is the end near?

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