I was for two weeks in Sicily with my family. This was my first visit to the 'island'. Sicily is very different from Mainland Italy. It is a country in its own. The landscape is very diverse and breathtaking where we visited; the north coast with the Eolian islands, the west with the Egadi islands, and Agrigente. We avoided the most touristic places which are on the eastern coast and also the south - with its chaotic urban development and crime problem inherited in the 80s after the mafia was forced to desert Palermo - except two days to see Agrigento's ruins.

The people are very kind and amicable, and the food is excellent.

Sorry for having deserted this blog for some time lately. But now I feel rested and reloaded. Ready for more blogging soon...

Pasticceria, Erice

One of Palermo's markets, Ballarò, near La Martorana and San Cataldo churches


Ted said...

I spent some time there and loved it. The people were very nice to me.

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Sophia said...


Iwas surprised because Sicily does not correspond to the clichés most people have about it and its inhabitants. They are very hard working people. Every inch of land where we visited was cultivated with vines and olives. And they are very welcoming for tourists.

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