Kick-ass bloggers

Naj, who is a real Kick-ass when it comes to Iranian's culture, politics and history, gave me the award and asked that I pass it on.

I understand the award, although English is not my mother tongue and I am not familiar with the expression, as an award for bloggers who are non conformists and who bring something totally new with their contributions. Let's just recognise this fact, the blogosphere is full of conformists and redundancy in the information it carries.

So here is my selection of bloggers I enjoy reading:

Elizabeth, for her genuine honesty;

Homeyra for her highly interesting cultural musings and for her East/West sensibilities and open mind when it comes to culture and the arts.

Wolfie, because he is a genuine non conformist.

Stef, because his sharp posts make me laugh.

Loubnan Ya Loubnan, because his blog is mainly dedicated to Lebanon, my native country, and because he is French, a country and people I love and identify with, and his articles in French are well researched.


homeyra said...

Thank you Sophia, I am honored, specially among such a fine group of blogs.
I already knew Wolfie and Elizabeth's blogs, glad to know more of your friends.
I always enjoy feeling the soul of Lebanon through your blog.
PS: This is a new computer, I hope I'll be able to post a comment!

homeyra said...

Yoopi! it works :)

Wolfie said...

Thank you Sophia, I am flattered.

Elizabeth said...

thanks; I need the motivation!

Sophia said...


You have to keep going on and contributing to your blog, you definitely have a distinctive voice, one which I appreciate.


it is always a pleasure for me to visit your blog, it feels like an oasis, calm and beauty.


Since your blog became more personal, you have given me some deep and fresh insights on the human mind. You are the most perseverant among us all, just keep up...

Since March 29th 2006