The War in Ossetia

I have not been contributing with meaningful posts on this blog as of late. But the war in Ossetia clearly needs our attention and this very informative post from The Two Wolves actually cheered me up.

Read here on Israel's role in this war as a top arms and training provider to Georgian troops.

From Jews Sans Frontières: Pulling an Israel in the Caucasus.

Putin Outmaneuvers The West

Mikhail Gorbachev: Russia had no choice

UPDATE, WOW...'Georgia War A Neocon Election Ploy?' (And the answer to the question...)

UPDATE, August 28th 08: Putin accuses Bush of provoking Goergia crisis to help elect McCain


Wolfie said...

Thank you for the recommendation Sophia, I was feeling a bit lonely for a while with every other blogger seemingly taking the MSN line. I have recently added an update which might be of interest to you as this development will have a profound influence on US/ME policy in the future.

Don’t feel bad about not posting, your family are the most important thing.

All the best


Sophia said...


The events are taking a very interesting turn for the conspirationnists, read the two articles linked to, as updates, at the end of this post.

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