Olmert: Israel has to return occupied lands to achieve peace

Yep...Including the west bank and Jerusalem East. And Israeli leaders typically declare these things when they are out of office. So I wonder who is the main obstacle to peace in Israel ? The public or their leaders ?


Wolfie said...

I think he's a lone voice at the moment.

Eve Siegel said...

Wow. Do you think a Hamas leader will ever give an interview where he/she acknowledges that Hamas and Palestinians must live peacefully next to a Jewish state of Israel?

Anonymous said...

Olmert is a defeatist, and a spent force. Thank goodness he was not leading Israel when Arabs attacked in 1947, 1956, 1967, and 1973.

Still, let's say Olmert is correct. It will take Palestinians another 50 years to acknowledge that the Jews have a historic claim to Israel (something that Arafat denied in 2000 after rejecting Camp David deal).

Sophia said...

Thanks Wolfie for the link. I am not a regular of the Telegraph and I must admit that I am starting to fing the Guardian pretty boring and I should switch soon. What is in your opinion the best British daily that can be read online ?

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