Neoconist Convulsions

I am afraid that the remaining days before the elections in the US will bring us some more brinksmanship from the neocons.

First, the Bush administration, which is widely known for its brinksmanship bordering on disaster, threatens to shut down vital services in Iraq (after having shot down vital signs for most Iraqis) unless the Iraqi government signs a proposed deal officializing the occupation of their country illegaly invaded by the US.

Second, and concomittant to the first, pressure was being played on the shia community in Iraq to distract it from public critiques of the deal coming from the Lebanese shia community by spreading false rumours about Hezbollah's leader health.

Third, bombing Syria last night and killing civilians while the rehabilitation of this country, at least by some European allies of the US like France and Britain was well on its way, is one more sign that the neocons are willing to go to the extreme in the incoherence that became the hallmark of their foreign policy. What was the reason for the bombing ? Al-Qaida. But it turns out that they never considered the efforts made successfully by Syria against Sunni muslim extremism while the neocons themselves were cajoling many leaders in Arab countries who are rather sympathetic to the point of financing sunni muslim extremism. Well the reason for the bombing may be miles away actually from the declared narrative, it could be to prompt a response from Iran which the neocons and Cheney are salivating to go to war with.

Fourth, they are also trying a last minute attempt to revive their Lebanese backed politicians, who failed miserably to gain the backing of the Lebanese people, through their local Arab surrogates. Active pan arab diplomacy is on its way now not only to slavage the neocons' legacy but also to salvage their surrogates in the ME as these surrogates are feeling that their protectors are leaving the ship in Washington.
At home, the rats are effectively leaving the ship and those of the neocons who are staying or can't leave the ship are willing to seat Sarah Palin, a woman seen by many insiders of her own party as incompetent, one beat away from the presidency, in order to continue their brinksmanship in domestic and foreign policy matters.

Oh, and let's not forget that they tried also to revive, just for a bit of change, the atmosphere of the cold war era by pushing their ally Georgia in a confrontational war with Russia. But it didn't work.

I am a bit anxious of what will happen to us all in those remaining days that, according to all polls, will see the end of the neocons power. This doesn't mean that Washington will become more moral or more friendly to the oppressed in matters of domestic and foreign policy, it will only mean probably a bit of the much needed realism and pragmatism, which even cynical, will be a nice welcome and a relief from madness. While Arab rulers who tended to this madness in order to keep their positions must be panicking at the prospect of a more reasonable foreign policy in the region.


Anastácio Soberbo said...

Hello, I like the blog.
It is beautiful.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from Portugal

annie said...

The last convulsions, all right but can we expect much better prospects from Obama in the ME ?
Of course, I still prefer him over McSame but I do not really hold my breath.
he has recanted his past sympathies for the Palestinians and is buddy buddy with the zionists.

Sophia said...

Thanks Anastacio.

Sophia said...


I, like you, do not expect better from Obama. And I think he will be more than willing to go to war to prove himself to those who chalenge him on this matter. But I don't think he is mad like Bush and his entourage.

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