The massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the continuation of Israeli atrocities

It has been going on for a long time. But it is now that the world may come to realise that this something that has been going on is a daily abomination for Palestinians, an ugly occupation, and a crime against humanity at a scale of time, space, and means, never witnessed in any other occupation history, except maybe the occupation of the American continent by European settlers.
Something to be ranked with Deir Yassin. With the Sabra and Shatila massacres. Something, at last, that Israel's foes can say looks like an atrocity.

This atrocity has become the hallmark and the distinctive signature of Israeli occupation.


Anonymous said...

As Abbas said today in press conference, Hamas could have avoided this if it had just continued its ceasefire.

Hamas has been raining rockets on southern Israel, terrorizing civilians and forcing them to live in bomb shelters.

Naj said...

285 dead ...

Sophia said...


Can you tell me how many died in Israel as a result of Hamas's artisanal rockets ? Terrorised ? Yes, as any of us who live outside a war zone. Israeli are terrorised by Hamas's ridiculous rockest because they live outside a war zone while few kilometers away Palestinians experience atrocities at the hands of their army, the most powerful army in the ME.

Anonymous said...

a government has a duty to defend against deadly threats. Hamas aims rockets at Israeli towns. If one missile hits an Israeli school, then many children will die. Should Israelis live in bomb shelters so that Hamas can freely send rockets?

Hamas was warned many times by Israel and Egypt. Did Hamas think it could rain rockets on Israeli citizens without any repercussions?

Elizabeth said...

Frankly, even if there were no rockets, I'd be terrified to live across the border from people my government was trying to starve to death.

Ted said...

If Israel would leave the occupied lands and remove their illegal settlements there would be no need for Hamas to fire rockets into Israel.

Those rockets hardly hit anything, hurt anyone.

Israel's attack has killed over 300, including women and children.

Israel has committed more crimes against humanity than the Nazi's and the Soviets under Stalin combined.

If Israel would leave the occupied lands there would be no need for Hamas to fire rockets into Israel

Erdla said...

You might be interested in this Sophia:

Les calculs sordides et meurtriers de Tel-Aviv


Sophia said...


Every change of government in Israel is accompanied by a wave of renewed violence against Palestinians which, at the same time, serves to bury the peace process a little deeper in the world consciousness.
Israel was never genuine about peace. It is, by essence and ideology, an expansionnist state.
And it is not the few artisanal rockets that will change anything. Palestinians exist and resist despite 60 years of harsh occupation and slow extermination, and despite the complicity of 'moderate' and corrupt Arab rulers like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and Palestinians leaders like Arafat and Abbas, and probably Hannieyh (who knows ?).
The world has become voluntarily dumb about Israel and the necessary peace process in the ME.

Anonymous said...

It seems you are trying to minimize Hamas' rockets as "ridiculous" or "artisinal"? They are intended to kill random Israeli civilians. The rockets only grow more dangerous (farther distances, bigger bombs). Is Israel required to wait until a direct hit on a schoolyard to stop these rockets?

Sophia said...

''They are intended to kill random Israeli civilians.'' Yeh, and Israeli strikes are intended to kill non randomly Palestinian civilians.
''Is Israel required to wait until a direct hit on a schoolyard to stop these rockets?''
Israel never waited and it is the first country who applied the doctrine of preemptive strikes in heavily densly populated civilian areas. Why Israel should wait when it can strike with impunity ?
Hamas's rockets are a ridiculous answer to Israel's savage occupation.
Whatr would you like Palestinians to do ? Die in silence maybe...

Anonymous said...

how about denouncing violence as a solution? If the Palestinians to try a non-violent solution like Mandela, Ghandi and Martin Luther King, all the world's pressure would be on Israel. How about stopping launching and importing rockets?

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