Bolivia severes diplomatic ties with Israel, the rest of the world should follow

To protest Israel's war crimes In Gaza, Bolivia today announced that it is severing diplomatic ties with Israel. Evo Morales leads and other countries should follow. An action like this one is urgently required.
More on this from Jews Sans Frontières.
UPDATE: European plans to turn Israel into a "privileged" partner enjoying special political, diplomatic and trade links were frozen by Brussels today in protest at the Israeli onslaught in Gaza. OK, this doesn't match Bolivia's action but the EU has become a staunch supporter of Israel lately, following Israel's and the US mistreatment of Gaza and its population by blocking life sustaining aid. But this move by the EU is important, it makes clear that what Israel is doing in Gaza is unacceptable. There is another fact misrepresented in the western press and By Israel, It is Israel who broke the truce, and it did it right after signing it with Hamas. Israel strives for war. Watch the video and read the links below.

Talking about Israel's actions in Gaza, the mainstream press is presenting the war as Hamas's fault. But it is time for some cold statistics. I like cold statistics backing up reality as opposed to Israel's hype and mainstream media press biases. Read also here what Hamas's political leader in exile had to say about the current war to le Monde Diplomatique middle east expert Alain Gresh.
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