The Gaza Holocaust: latest operation in numbers

The latest criminal Israeli offensive on Gaza that lasted 22 days:

1330 people died;
14000 homes destroyed;
68 public buildings and 38 NGO installations have been partly or totally destroyed;
600000 tons of rubble containing toxic material and unexploded bombs;
25 million dollars to clean the rubble;
200000 working days for Gazans to clean the rubble;

And all this won't even win Kadima the elections because it wasn't enough toughness for Israelis who are going to vote soon, and zionists at large...

To be continued until the last Palestinian...


Frank Partisan said...

in Tel Aviv 10,000 Israelis protested the governments policy in Gaza.

Even at the border with Gaza, there has been antiwar activity.


Gert said...

Finally your comment section is open again.

I think an apology is in order. Long overdue. From me to you. About Zionism. What to say? I was wrong. Completely. I could invoke mitigating circumstances but I won't. I could blame Hasbara but I'm not that cowardly: ignorance cannot be excused. "Balance" is what I sought but all I got was imbalance. Mindsets are hard to change (but mine has).

Zionism is a scourge. There is no 'good Zionism'. It is a deeply racist neo-colonial enterprise which thoroughly affects those who stand in its path, assuming they survive doing that.

You were right and I was wrong. But no more.

Take good care.

Sophia said...

Renegade Eye,

Thanks for the visit and the comment. I believe there are Israelis who genuinly want peace. Unfortunately, they aren't the majority for now. I also believe that most Israelis who applaud their country's war aren't extremists. They are just ill informed and live in fear being told over and again that living in peace with Palestinians is something that is threatening for them. They are being told that the only option to live in peace is to make Palestinians disappear. Fear is irrational and it works...

Sophia said...


I don't know what to say, and I am embarrassed. Every human being is entitled to his convictions. And every wrong can be transformed into something good. If Zionism wasn't so contemptuous of Palestinians' and Arabs' lives and dignity, if it wasn't deceitful, if it was reasonable with its land claims, then maybe something good can come out of it for both Palestinians and Jews.
But faced with a weak ennemy, zionism did not show that it is capable of restraint. And the very fact that it is not capable of restraint is probably its core weakness...

Gert said...

The truth is that even of that alleged small majority of Israelis that claims to be in favour of a two state solution, most of these are very conditional about that. That's not a real majority: putting up unrealistic obstacles in the name of 'security' is in fact one of the many guises that hardline zionists have been using for decades. There are no real doves (a proverbial few perhaps and a few thousand great individuals), there is no real anti-Occupation bloc, at best some 30 % dovish hawks. Look at the predicted election output: all nationalistic parties, many 100% rejectionist, are set to gain grounds. Heaven help us: on Press TV they're going on about how now also Livni and Barak claim to want to eliminate Hamas completely. True? False? Election propaganda? Press TV propaganda? It'll be an uncomfortable wait finding out...

Looking at the sixty year narrative I find it now very difficult not to accept for instance Finkelstein's Machiavellian sounding version: they [Zionists] intended this from the start and maneuvered very skillfully.

My favourite article of this week is 'Waltzing with Ariel'. I'm reprinting it tomorrow.

I didn't mean for you to feel embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

I think Hamas owes Palestinian people an apology. Hamas played Russian Roulette with Palestinian children, shooting from civilian buildings and waiting for Israelis to shoot back.

Since March 29th 2006