Obama and the illegal Israeli Occupation of Palestine

A round-up of Arab commentators on Obama's stance toward the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. Conclusion : 'Barack Obama is caving to the Israel lobby'. I am sorry because I must disagree. Barack Obama had already caved to the Israel lobby when he decided to run for president of the US and win. And any person who harbored any hope that president Obama will recognise the number one injustice in the middle east and the world that is the illegal and brutal occupation of Palestine is a naive fool.
"Colonialism is either legal or illegal, acceptable or criminal," suggested the eloquent Rami Khouri in Beirut's Daily Star. "Laws matter or they don't matter. There is no such thing as 'unhelpful' colonialism, any more than there is merely naughty rape, awkward murder, or unfortunate incest. Why is it that those in the west who celebrate and seek to export their commitment to the rule of law find it so hard to adopt both the rhetoric and policies that acknowledge the criminal illegality and political catastrophe that is the modern and continuing Israeli colonial rampage? What is it that makes giants in the west become eunuchs in the face of Israeli deeds?"

Will Obama go beyond the superficial ?


Ted said...

Obama is not going to do anything to upset Israel and lose the Jewish vote.

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annie said...

What can we expect from someone who labels the UN condemnation of Israel as "crap"

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