Burn Before Reading: Zionist Fanatics Practice Serial Vandalism in Paris

Among other things, they burn books. And they get away with their crimes. Anti-semitic crimes are well publicised in France, sometimes they are even invented. In 2004, in what became known as Affaire RER D, a young woman tells the police that she was attacked in the metro by an anti-semitic gang; four Arabs and two black people. The media treatment of this episode was hysterical. There were immediate condemnations from every level of civil society, the police, and the government, on the basis of one accusation which turned out to be false, and an empty judiciary file .
Alex Moise, the head of the zionist federation of France used to send anti-semite messages to himself and complain about being threatened. Eventually he was caught lying and was condemned. This happened in 2004 when Ariel Sharon was accusing France of being soft on anti-semites and inviting French Jews to emigrate to Israel.

Because of its history of collaboration with the Nazi regime, France is a weak target for zionists. While intimidation goes on on a large scale agaisnt the French state and its people, zionist crimes in France are not reported, neither accounted for, nor punished, for fear from accusations of anti-semitism.


Anonymous said...

even you must know about all the anti-jewish crimes in France over the last ten years (synagogue bombings, kidnappings, etc.). The French population is over 20% Muslim (and growing) and their holocaust denial makes it hard to be a Jew in France. Where should the Jews leaving France go? Many came from Syria, Iran and Yemen and are not welcome there.

Anonymous said...

Man Sentenced to Life in Killing of Jew in France
Published: July 10, 2009

PARIS — One of the most sensational criminal cases in France... ended late Friday with the conviction of Youssouf Fofana for murdering a young Jewish man.... Mr. Fofana was found guilty of the 2006 kidnapping, torture and murder of the man, Ilan Halimi, who was 23. Mr. Fofana, 28, who was born in France to nominally Muslim immigrants from Ivory Coast, was given the maximum sentence: life in prison with no possibility of parole for 22 years. As the sentence was announced, Mr. Fofana mimicked applause.

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