Does The West Really Care About Human Rights In Iran ?

I suspect that the main reason Sen. McCain speaks out against the Iranian government is not its human-rights violations but rather he wants regime change in Iran. Sen. McCain wants a new regime that is subservient to the U.S. and does not pose any real or perceived threat to Israel.

It might be simpler if the West went ahead and ended economic sanctions on Iran. Then, a sizable number of Iranians, of their own free will, would probably import more of the junk that the West wants to dump on Iran, as has been shown by the popularity of many kinds of Western junk in such former official enemies of the capitalist West as China and Viet Nam.
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Anonymous said...

have you evern noticed that Fatwa is a uniquely Arabic word? we do not have a word for this in english, because we do not believe in them.

Ted said...

No, I think all the west hopes to see is the current government fall.

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