No He Can't: Obama's Gitmo Task Force Blows Its Deadline

Three administration officials familiar with the process said the detention task force, which is jointly run by aides to Attorney General Eric Holder and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, did agree that the Obama administration should continue to claim the right to hold some Guantánamo inmates indefinitely as "combatants" under the "laws of war," without charging them either in criminal courts or in military commissions. That proposal is sure to prove controversial among human-rights groups, which say any such "indefinite detention" violates civil liberties and is virtually indistinguishable from legal claims made by President Bush.
But the officials say that, as much as the concept of indefinite detention is distasteful to the president and his legal advisers, there is simply no alternative for dealing with potentially dozens of detainees whom the administration doesn't want to release because they are thought to be too dangerous, but can't bring to trial for lack of evidence.


markfromireland said...

For "No He Can't: Obama's Gitmo Task Force Blows Its Deadline"


""No He Won't: Obama's Gitmo Task Force Blows Its Deadline"

Furthermore I find myself doubting that he ever intended to …

Sophia said...


Change is impossible for some political issues in the US including health care and foreign policy and everybody who believed it possible under an Obama adminsitration was a foul. And as it will turn out this adminsitration will be even more hawkish than Bush's, it is just a different style.

I hope everybody is doing well at the Gorrilla's

Anonymous said...

Sophia, you hyperbole is always over the top. Obama is conservative than W? Sure, just like W was biggest killer since Hitler.

Anonymous said...

today that zionist rag The New York Times printed an article saying that Hamas "Hamas Shifts From Rockets to Culture War".

Say it ain't so? Is Hamas going to stop training slow teens to be suicide bombers? Maybe they're reading your blog!

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