Violence in Jerusalem

Riots in Jerusalem over the recent arrest of an ultra-Orthodox woman suspected of starving her 3-year-old son escalated as demonstrators concluded their third consecutive day of violent protests with no indication that they were planning to ease up.

Here are some pictures.

The violence of the Ultraorthodox Jews in the settlements and their disregard to the rule of law, of international humanitarian law, encouraged by Israel, was going to pour out to Israeli society as a whole, and this is what we are witnessing now.
But we are not seeing these pictures in most western newspapers who seem to shy from publishing these pictures while when Muslims demonstrate against Cartoons, it becomes the single news item around the world.


Emmanuel said...

These are anti-Zionist ultra-Orthodox Jews. The rioters in Jerusalem and the Orthodox (non-ultra) fanatics in the settlements are two very different groups. Both are fanatic, but in different, often opposite, ways.

Anonymous said...

are you going to print every crime that happens in Israel? Zionists may be crazy (and normal), but they never declared "death to all the infidels" and shot up the Olympics and restaurants.

Haredis do not strap bombs on their children and send them to commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

this story is being widely reported. the difference between this and Iran is that the government soldiers will not be killing civilians like they killed Neda in Iran.

Anonymous said...

these Orthodox jews are protesting government policies. They are not protesting cartoons in foreign countries and they are not calling for deaths of journalists.

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