Organ trafficking, blood libel, Jewish identity, and Palestinian children

When the FBI recently uncovered an illegal organ* trafficking ring led by Jewish rabbis from Brooklyn and New Jersey, every western media rushed to add that the rabbis were from the Syrian Jewish community.

When a Swedish author recently published an article suggesting that there are indicators that the organs trafficked could have come from Palestinian children killed by the Israeli 'defence' forces (IDF), everybody, from Israel to western media, rushed to mention the story without publishing its original content, assorted by an accusation of blood libel.

The atrocities committed by Zionists are never to be punished, neither to be mentioned. And when they are pointed out, they are never investigated, they are rather met by one generic answer: it is never the Jew's fault, it is other people's fault, either anti-semites or a different kind of Jew. I bet if this story might come to persist, the state of Israel will declare Syrian Jews as unpure Jews...and the IDF is a moral and pure army...

Update: The story has provoked up to now what is starting to look like the Jewish version to the Muslim Danish cartoons uproar, but nobody is noticing, everybody is trying not to draw the comparison and there are no intellectuals defending the Swedish journalist freedom of expression...

Al-Jazeera: Palestinians seek organ theft probe.

Ten shocking facts about organ trafficking

UPDATE, dec 20th 2009: Israel admits harvesting Palestinian organs

UPDATE, September 24th 2010: A south African based company, Netcare, accused of performing organ extraction operations on poor brazilians for wealthy Israelis.
* I stand corrected: I previously wrote that rabbis were trafficking children's organs but a commentator on this blog notified me that we don't know if the organs were children's organs.


Anne Rettenberg LCSW said...

What I thought was interesting is that the corrupt politicians and rabbis story was big news for a couple of days, then it dropped off the radar.

Anonymous said...

Sophia, I knew you would jump on this story. Of course the story about Palestinians has no evidence whatsoever but you are quick to reprint it. It's a variation on the hate education spread throughout Arab world: Jews collaborated with Hitler, raped Palestinian women, kill children, etc.

When Danish press published cartoons of Mohammed, over 200 people died. At least Jews are not killing anyone over this ridiculous story.

Sophia said...


I bet we will never know the results of the FBI investigation. I hate to be cynical but I think as long as Israel and its defenders are threatening everyone with accusations of anti-semistism,libel, law suits at the end of the line, we will never get to know what kind of abuses are going on there.
This is a very problematic exploitation of the old anit-semitism.

Anonymous said...

Sophia - how are Palestinians supposed to make peace with Israel when idiots are telling them that Israel is harvesting body parts?

To have peace, one must set the proper table. Hamas sets the table for war.

Emmanuel said...

Even when things are bad enough, you manage to distort them to make them sound even worse. The American rabbis were arrested for trafficking organs. Nowhere has anyone said they're children's organs. The fact that the rabbis were from the Jewish Syrian community was mentioned because they're quite an isolated community, not because of some internal Jewish racism.

The FBI will fully investigate this, and I'm sure Israel's police will fully cooperate and we will know the results of the investigation. Why would they be arrested if the FBI isn't investigating seriously?

As for the article in the Swedish newspaper, it has no evidence. The tabloid's editor and the reporter who wrote the article both admit this. It's just bad journalism. Even the family of the man killed in 1992 say they never claimed his organs were taken. The reporter came to those conclusions on his own, without any evidence.

Sophia said...


Thanks for the comment. I stand corrected. I know the story is very sensational and I don't jump on sensational stories. What made me blog about the story is the connection between the rabbis, organ traficking, Israel, and the numbers provided in the Boström's article about Israel's need for organ transplant and Israel's position, along with other, on the top list of countries that are involved in organ trafficking.

Anonymous said...

does this Palestinian "judge" sound ready to make peace?
The Palestinian Authority's chief Islamic judge, Sheikh Tayseer Rajab Tamimi, said on Wednesday that there was no evidence to back up claims that Jews had ever lived in Jerusalem or that the Temple ever existed.

Anonymous said...

Huh? "I don't jump on sensational stories"

Sophia - you only jump on sensational stories that make Jews look bad. You report on a sad sick woman who allegedly starved a child. But you ignore the repeatedly reported story that Iranian security forces RAPED protestors (including males!).

Anonymous said...

Sophia - very clever of you to completey ignore the rape scandal in Iraian prisons. At least you don't look like the idiots who blamed all of Iran's crimes on Zionists.

Naj said...

speaking of organ trade!

Naj said...


Why would you expect Sophia report on rape in Iranian prisons when she is commenting on something different?

Rape in Iran doesn't justify violence in palestine. And I am sure there are pro-palestininans out there who are DISGUSTED by and ASHAMED of Ahmadinejad's behavior!

Actually, did you know that more and more, people in Iran are suspecting that Ahmadinejad is an Israeli puppet to make Zionism look good; to justify Israeli's recent aggressions?

Sophia said...


I wish AhmadiNejad wasn't around anymore. He is bad for Iranians as he is surely bad for the Palestinian cause, though I believe it is a matter for Iranians to resolve by themselves, and I am quite sure they will. Eventually the recent tensions inside the Mullah regime are probably signalling the beginning of the end of this regime. AhmadiNejad, as a polarizing figure, is likely to precipitate this end...

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