Amnesty report: Israel denies water to Palestinians

This is not news. This is life under Israeli occupation and apartheid. Read the summary here where you will find the link to the report.

There is an extensive radio documentary from the CBC's Anna Maria Tremonti on the question of water between Israel and the Palestinians (March, 9th, 2009) in which what struck me most at the time is the racist justification of the government of Israel for allowing very little water for palestininans: way of life, they don't need water as much as Israelis do and...let them eat biscuits....

Jim MIles: Uncertain outcomes.

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Anonymous said...

this is not true. Israel is permitting as much humanitarian aid as possible.

Can you acknowledge that given Hamas' stated intent to kidnap more soldiers like Gilad Shalit, that Israel must be extremely careful at border crossing?

How much is Israel supposed to aid a government (Hamas) that is committed to destroying Israel's existence? It's time for Hamas to assume a more realistic postion.

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