Why all Al-Qaida bomb plots, actual or planned, involve undercover western agents or western converts to Islam helping with material and logistics ?

First and foremost: a famous convert.

The latest Illinois and Texas bomb plots (2009).

The 2006 London bomb plot.

The 2006 Toronto bomb plot.

The 2005 London bombing.

The 2004 Madrid Bombing

A German convert to Islam describes meeting 911 plotters.

Adam Gadham Pearlman, a Jewish convert to islam behind Bin Laden videos


Emmanuel said...

No Western secret agents were involved in 9/11 and the London and Madrid bombings. I don't believe a conspiracy theory website like Prison Planet, which seems to think that secret societies like the Free Masons control the universe.
Also, the German convert knew Muhammad Atta, but wasn't involved in the plot, according to the link you provided.

The thwarted plots did involve Western agents, so this can either mean the agencies are manufacturing fake plots or doing good police work. Sometimes it's one, sometimes it's the other. The latest cases definitely sound like good police work to me, since the suspects actually did try to set off explosives.

So, to recap: Western involvement in unsuccessful plots? Yes. Western involvement in attacks that actually took place? No. You can't blame the West for everything.

Anonymous said...

Emmanuel - a very good analysis, and no surprise Sophia did not respond.

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