Israel 'personally attacking human rights group' after Gaza war criticism

"We are going to dedicate time and manpower to combating these groups; we are not going to be sitting ducks in a pond for the human rights groups to shoot at us with impunity," he said.
Elie Wiesel, concentration camp survivor, Nobel laureate, and humanist only when it comes to the rights of zionists, is up to his neck in these attacks. Which means that Israel and its zionist defenders are exploiting the Shoah and the Nobel, and every living and non living entity and memory on this earth in order to justify the brutality and illegality of he Israeli occupation...


Emmanuel said...

You're falsely attributing that particularly aggressive quote to Elie Wiesel (or trying to make people associate it with him). It is someone in the Israeli prime minister's office who said that.

Elie Wiesel has also criticized Human Rights Watch and other similar groups. Is every position Elie Wiesel takes a position he takes in the name of the Holocaust or Holocaust survivors? No.

Sophia said...


I am not attributng the quote to Elie Wiesel. There is a separate link in the quote but it is not highlighted for reasons I don't understand yet because I am experimenting with the new editor functionality of blogger.

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