Few months ago, the story provoked Israel's outrage calling the journalist who published it 'anti-Semite' and asking Sweden, the journalist's country to apologize and retract the story with the full blown outrage reaching diplomatic relations.

Now it turns out that part of the story is at least true, by Israel's admission. Shame on the people whose parents are survivors of Nazi Germany and Nazi Medicine, they did not learn a thing from Nuremberg...

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Anonymous said...

Shame on you for twisting and misleading this report - of questionable origin - and omitting the most important parts:
... in the 1990s ...from the bodies of Israeli soldiers, Israeli citizens, Palestinians and foreign workers... no evidence that Israel had killed Palestinians to take their organs, as the Swedish paper reported.

You will look for anything to make Israel look bad - you are clearly not interested in any type of peaceful resolution of the Middle East problem. You would rather focus on evils that do not exist.

You are desperate to bring Israel down to the level of the Islamic dictatorships that ruin the lives of millions of Arabs and Iranians. You are so embarrassed by the Arab world that you must bring down Israel to that low level.

But everyone can see that your main agenda is to demonize Israel- even if it means twisting truths and lying.

Why do you think Arab leaders fly to Israel for medical care? Because Israel has best standard of care.

Since March 29th 2006