Israel to build NIS 1.5b fence along Egypt border

It should be understood as 'Israel to seal off Gaza', after having done the same with the west bank. Look at how Haaretz and its correspondant at no time explain that this scheme is intended to seal off Gaza, keeping close to the official Israeli government's story line.

It is time to organize a world wide boycott of Israel, its institutions and products.

An Update (monday jan. 11th):
From The Guardian: When complete, the new sections of fence will mean Israel will be almost entirely fenced in.  Or more accurately, the Jewish majority in Israel will be fenced in, according to Netanyahu's statement:
''We need a fence, as I said 10 years ago, with all of our neighbours," said Ehud Barak, Israel's defence minister. "With the Palestinians we need two states for two people, a fence that will surround a solid Jewish majority, we will be here and they will be there."
The Guardian article has also a map of the new fence sections:



Emmanuel said...

This has nothing to do with Gaza (which is already sealed off from Israel as it is). This is meant to keep out African refugees coming from Egypt. While some of the fence will be erected near the border with Gaza, the other part will be erected near Eilat, 260 KM away from Gaza.

Anonymous said...

this is about ending the blockade of Gaza. The problem has been smuggling weapons into Gaza by a few people has led to random rockets against Sderot.

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