Irish Aid Boat Rachel Corrie Heading For Gaza

UPDATE, June 3: Pressure is building on Israel to not intercept the Rachel Corrie. Irish nationals who are on the ship are strongly backed by their government who threatened Israel of unspecified consequences (bad) if it intercepts the ship. And today Irish are calling Irish americans to put pressure on Israel via the US government. Irish are sensitive to this issues having starved under colonial occupation.

UPDATE, June 3: The Free Gaza Movement will load the Rachel Corrie with celebrities and journalists and send it to Gaza with a support ship.

UPDATE on the boat, June 2: The Guardian is reporting that the boat, which was originally due to join the flotilla, stopped in Crete today to see whether it will be delayed to join a new flotilla or whether it is going to sail tomorrow. The Guardian gives no link to this news item, it cites Steph Oliver. We don't know who is Steph Oliver and the Guardian coverage of the whole affair is appalling and propagandist for Israel. One thing is sure, from now on, the Free Gaza movement should not publicize the timing of its boats heading for Gaza.

''We will not stop, we will go again...'' read the Twitter page of the Free Gaza Movement yesterday.

This time, the Irish government is closely monitoring Israel's intervention and warned that any attempt to intercept the boat will result in dire consequences for Israel.

We are all Irish...

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