Israeli Brutalities Continue Unabated

In an attempt to provoke Hamas into a military action and deflect attention from the flotilla, Israel killed four Palestinians off the Gaza coast. This followed an air strike on Gaza in which there is at least one casualty.

In another way AhmadiNejad is playing his own provocation. I am stunned how much AhmadiNejad's actions match those of actual Israeli leaders...

There was an illegal action taken by Israel in international waters resutling in the loss of the lives of civilians and there is an illegal occupaton and blockade going on against the people of Gaza. Israel is defying the international community and we need a clear condemnation of its actions. What we don't need right now is Hamas sending their usual non life threatening rockets into Israel and AhamdiNejad showing muscle, but if the international community does not condemn Israel, Hamas might end up biting the bait and AhmadiNejad might end up provoking an escalation, both actions Israel will be praying for because in the present state of international affairs they would be a gift to the murderous zionist state...

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