New Flotilla Survivors' Accounts Paint A Picture Of Cold Blood Murderers

Sarah Colborne who was on the Mavi Marmara (video)

Transcript for Sarah Colborne's testimony before the press.

Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell who was aboard the Swedish ship Sofia: "I think the Israeli military went out to commit murder," Mankell said. "If they had wanted to stop us they could have attacked our rudder and propeller, instead they preferred to send masked commando soldiers to attack us. This was Israel's choice to do this.''

Shane Dillon, the Irish national who was steering the Challenger I, speaks.

In the Guardian Linda Grant compares the flotilla attack to the Exodus attack:
The events early this week of the boarding of the Gaza aid flotilla should have jogged the memories of Israel's political leaders and its military. The sight of Israeli politicians, diplomats and army spokespeople trying to assert a more complicated story than that of innocent civilians brutally murdered by an act of piracy has not washed with the public. No amount of showing videos of the peace activists attacking the abseiling Israeli soldiers will answer the question: what were the soldiers doing there in the first place and why would the passengers not defend themselves against their attackers, exactly as the refugees had done in 1947?

Glen Greenwald writes in Salon how Israeli propaganda shaped US media coverage.

The most disturbing in all this is that the US expects Israel who seized all evidence from the ship, and edited it from propaganda purposes, to conduct and independant investigation!
More importantly, calling for an investigation is hoping for the fury Israel's actions have provoked to fade...

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