Organ trafficking mafia: The Israeli connection

Three days ago, The Guardian reported on a council of Europe inquiry implicating Kosovo's prime minister and Kosovo's physicians in killing and harvesting Serb prisoners' organs.

Now it appears that the main recipient of these illegal operations is Israel.
The Israeli market for donor livers has been well-documented, and most international trafficking rings have involved wealthy Israeli patients on so-called "transplant tours". Organ donation in Israel is low due to concerns in the Orthodox community about the body after death.
And "Only 10% of Israeli adults hold donor cards, compared with more than 30% in most western countries."
More critically, there appears to be no ethical guidelines in Israel for organ collection and donation.

Israel admitted harvesting organs illegally.

More than being a recipient, Israel was accused of executing Palestinians for the only purpose of harvesting their organs.

Read here more about Israel and organ trafficking operations.

And in nearly every scandal of illegal organ trafficking, Israel is involved:

Read here about NetCare in South Africa

Organ trafficking and relief efforts: Israel always present in relief efforts in third world countries. Read here how organ trafficking was reported by Haitian PM on January 2010 right after the earthquake struck. Nobody knows for sure if Israel was involved in this one but Israel was one of the first nations to be allowed by the US, who was coordinating the airport operations in Port-au-Prince, to set an army field hospital and a team of approximately 100 doctors, nurses and other army health professionals, having the capacity for around 500 patients a day. Countries traditionally allied with Haiti like France saw their teams turned back at the airport.

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