Sarkozy: A Banana Republic Dictator?

At least this is what many are starting to say including Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes.

Because I love France, I must post sometimes on this country's continual demise under the rule of Sarkozy 1er.

Lately, Sarko, as he is known in France, has espoused vigorously and bullishly the case of a French woman imprisoned in Mexico for her contribution to the Mexico based kidnapping business of her boyfriend Israel Vallarta. Nobody knows why.

I say, French must go to the streets demanding the immediate resignation of Sarkozy.

Lately, the republic of Liberté, Égalité, Justice, has appeared also a little more Banana Republic then usual with its foreign minister spending her Christmas holidays in Tunisia, dlying the Ben Ali clan private jets and suggesting at the French assembly that France can send its savoir-faire to help Ben Ali against the uprising. And it was also revealed by the French press that this minister parents had business dealings with corrupted Tunisian businessmen close to ben Ali.

Lately also, it was discovered that French prime minister spent his Christmas holidays with his family in Egypt as guests of the Mubaraks, few weeks before the uprising that sweet the corrupt Egyptian dictator!

I say there is enough reasons here for the french to descend the streets and ask for her resignation of these Banana politicians...

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