Sticky Mubarak

He won't go.

The US was first to speak of an 'orderly transition'. I want to scream when I hear this word. 'Orderly' like military maybe...Or 'orderly' like giving Mubarak some time to organize his assets...Or 'orderly' like giving USrael some time to think of an Israel friendly alternative...They won't find it. They only have dictators on their side...

Slavoj Zizek: Miracle in Tahrir square
Either the entire Mubarak power edifice falls down, or the uprising is co-opted and betrayed.


Gert said...

I have to start following this Zizek fellow more closely. I saw him on one of Jeera’s shows (don’t ask which one – square shaped eyes by now!) together with Tariq Ramadan. He was great: really thinking ‘outside the box’…

Anonymous said...

Sophie - Mubarak not so sticky.

Ahmadinejad is sticky and stinky.

When will you stop apologizing for him?

Since March 29th 2006