Tyrannology: a short guide with Egypt on my mind

Tyrants come in two major varieties, external and internal, belonging to the same dream hater, blood loving, species.

In today's globalized and monolithically ideological world, external tyrants are few. Usually they are heads of big and powerful economic nations with past and present colonialist aspirations. They usually like to claim that democracy inspires their principles and actions but they only apply these principles and actions rather poorly on their citizens and as nations. They claim to export these principles when faced with a sudden desire of invading a country or changing its regime. They like to think that they are on an important mission in their lives of the sort of the 'yes we can'. They never suspect how little they can nor are they willing to 'can'. Once elected, they bury this beautiful story in the back of their head and do business as usual. But in their heart, they know, and they feel miserable. In order to boost their morals, they preach to the other variety of tyrants, internal tyrants, whom they secretly despise.

Internal tyrants are the ones who do the dirty job on behalf of external tyrants. In exchange they get material rewards, the security of the office for many many years, until their people get exhausted. Both varieties of tyrants are connected by an invisible thread. Internal tyrants are useful idiots. They cannot fool people. They get no respect, no love, neither from their people nor from their fellow external tyrants who like to think that they are of a different species. Once they are asked out, they cry for the love and the respect of their people whom they tortured, bloodied and humiliated so they can feel important. When they are asked out, they become very angry and vindictive. They become even threatening. They don't mind the blood on the street or the families who cannot eat or the youth who have no future or the crushed dreams of many, they want to be loved, kept and recognized. When they are asked out, instead of becoming suddenly wise and smart by opening their long closed eyes, they become even dumber, they turn to their external tyrants: they are in fact very weak without the support and the 'love' and 'admiration' and the flattery of their external tyrants who, by starting to look for their replacement, cannot provide them with the love they crave at this difficult moment in their lives.

Internal tyrants are many, there are as many of them as much as there are countries and societies, and families. They are very difficult to eliminate, but when one of them is eliminated, depending on his influence and the number of people that he tyrannizes, one can feel the sweet murmur of freedom, the early spring, the flower that can't wait to bloom, the happiness, the impatience, and the dreams again, the same dreams and aspirations that brought the downfall of the tyrant. This is why tyrants hate dreams and love blood, because for every dead and bloodied person there are many who despair, and despair is the enemy of dreams...

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