The Israeli-Saudi alliance and the counterrevolution in the middle east

Israeli officials want a public commitment from Washington to protect the Saudi regime should it come under threat.


Wolfie said...

Looks like things are going to plan.


Sophia said...


Thanks for the link. To tell you the truth, one thing describes Obama and summarizes it for me. In his childhood in Indonesia, he used to climb on a wall and imitates a bird who is about to fly in order to get the attention of the neighborhood children.

Obama thinks that he is smart. I don't know how can people like him or expect anything from him. he is like Bush. Just recently, Mahmoud Abbas let some steam out and it shows a ruthless and contemptuous Obama:

I agree with one thing in the video: empires can survive not by making their wars but by letting others make their wars for them and this is what is happening now with the Obama administration because they understood that financially they cannot keep financing their own wars. They did it in Iraq to intimidate, this was the dawn of a new political order after the fall of the soviet union but they don't need to affirm themselves as masters of the world now.

However, this new strategy shows only their decline. When you look at the Byzantine empire, they employed this strategy at length and they survived but they survived as a declining empire.

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