Israeli soldiers break silence on brutalities

Routine harrassement and humiliations of Palestinian civilians.

It is important to note that the website of breakingthesilence.org is actually shut down*. It is also important to note that, even though the soldier speaks about Israeli supreme court rulings, those rulings have no significance whatsoever, they are never respected when they contradict what the IDF want to do and most of the time they are a tool of the occupation.  The whole edifice of the occupation rests on internal Israeli rulings tailored to make this occupation look as legal...So it doesn't matter for them to disrespect rulings made by the supreme court because they know that other rulings made by this same supreme court actually facilitate the occupation which is in itself illegal.  The Israeli supreme court is a mascarade of rights (please note that the word 'mascarade' means 'mask', 'disguise' and it is of Arabic origin).

* I did not write the correct address: It is breakingthesilence.org.il (Thanks to a message left on my twitter account by https://twitter.com/#!/Hsmicro)

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