US congress controlled by Israel

At the beginning of the video a pro-AIPAC activist snatches the camera from a reporter.

Bibi has received today more standing ovations in the US congress than BO, some allege the number was 28 for Bibi and 25 for Obama when he last spoke to the US congress. People at Syria comment were joking that the people's assembly in Syria gives its president Bashar the same treatment, except that he is not the president of a foreign country. The only thing that was missing in the US congress today for Bibi to have the same treatment as Bashar El Assad was someone reading him poems.

Video link thanks to FLC.

Watch here the ignorance of AIPAC delegates about Palestine and the Palestinians, from Max Blumenthal.

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Netanyahu's pyrrhic victorious speech at the US congress according to the Israeli press.

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