Israel leaving dangerous munitions near Palestinian homes

The Israeli army has been accused of leaving dangerous munitions near Palestinian homes after two boys were seriously burnt when they picked up a mysterious silver canister which exuded toxic white fumes.

A second canister, discovered nearby less than a week later, was destroyed by the army in a controlled explosion.

The army does not deny leaving the devices, but would not identify them and suggested they were left over after training exercises. But the area where they were found does not feature on an army map of designated training areas and the canisters appeared new and unweathered.

Israeli crimes go unnoticed and when noticed and published they go unpunished. We won't hear a statement from secretary Clinton about that. The UN won't convene and we wont hear a condemnation from them. The US, Israel and the UN are busy promoting democracy in the ME except in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Jordan and few others. So why should we complain?

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