The Muslim Brotherhood: The Trojan Horse Of The Counter Revolution

By As'ad Abukhalil for Al Akhbar. The article is in Arabic but I will try in the coming days to translate some of it if not all.

In a way what is happening in Syria is at the same time a revolution and a counterevolution because the syrian revolution has already been hijacked by the Syrian revolution 2011 which is the baby child of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). That's why it is very difficult to understand what is going on in Syria right now. One has to understand that the MB is a transnational organisation and it is not only the Syrian MB who has hijacked the Syrian revolution but also its allies in the region. So there is a basis to the allegations of the Syrian regime about foreign interference.

Western countries, as well as some Syrians, Academics and activists have already made their Faustian bargain with the MB to get themselves rid of Bashar El Assad.


Syrian Commando said...

It's not going to be easy for them, actually I think this whole gambit to destabilise Syria is being played just to excuse a war against us.

The west is living on borrowed time and money, they need to secure their position in any way possible. Even without a just cause, they'll send Turkey against us. It is nothing to them, they don't care. They have a wider conflict to participate in. That is why the USA is pressuring NATO to stay the course.

That's why they're putting up the missile shield -- the shield itself doesn't work, its there for psychological support, so the citizen would revolt before the missiles start landing.

Anonymous said...

Another great achievement of the MB: Sudan. Oil money stolen and sent to Malaysian banks. Turabi in jail half-time, that's for when they seriously start to discuss politics after seizing power.

Sophia said...


Can you provide us with some links to the role of the MB in Sudan?


HS said...

Dear Sophia,

Unfortunately ,I agree with your analysis.
The important cleavage in the Syrian society is
not between the Alawis and others
between Muslims Brothers and others.

The history of violent revolutions ( civil war ) shows that the final winner is always the extremist revolutionaries at the expense of the moderate ones.
French revolution in 1789
Russian revolution in 1917
Chinese revolution in 1945
Iranian revolution in 1978

After the "Terreur" period , then comes the quiet counterrevolution.

Meanwhile , the peaceful Swiss ( and others ) are thriving !!

Anonymous said...

Well, you can Google it, like everybody else. My source was a Sudanese woman I met today, and she thought it was knowledge, but since my area is the Middle Ages, it was not.

It's a bit too much to be providing the links PLUS getting insulted.

Sophia said...


Is it an insult to ask for the link?
I am sorry if you feel that I insulted you. I am always respectful of the readers of this blog.

HS said...

The armed Muslim Brothers in Syria at Jisr al Choughour


The photos of Rebels, identified as members of the Muslim Brotherhood, who took up arms against the Syria regime in the northwest of Syria, show rare proof of an armed insurgency in Syria. The photos have been taken since Sunday (12/6) and were obtained by AFP on Thursday (16/6).

nysoulcontrolla said...

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Anonymous said...

Sophie - the Obama White House is considering war crimes charges against Assad. Does this clash with your theory that USA / Israel wants Assad to stay in power?

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