Israel 'eases restrictions' in Bethlehem

''Yet Israel's massive West Bank barrier cast a shadow on the celebrations. The structure,which snakes along the boundary with the West Bank, has divided Bethlehem and prevented tourists from walking into town on the biblical-era road likely used by Jesus and Mary.
Shops, restaurants and businesses that once thrived remained shuttered, split off from the rest of the town by the 25-foot concrete wall, which Israel built to prevent suicide bombers from reaching its cities.
Ogden and the group of Presbyterians he traveled with made sure to visit the area of the barrier to see what they had read about in the newspapers, and were shocked by what they found.
``We were interested in seeing ... how the conflict is being played out in the place of Christ's birth,'' Ogden said. ``I don't think anything can quite prepare you for something like that.''


Hamel said...

So very, very sad how politics and ignorance and close-mindedness can ruin so much.

Sophia said...

Dear Hamel,
yes indeed...this place should be a place for peace and joy for the entire world and the israelis are transforming the very notion of peace. Peace for them is not peace for the palestinians, oppressed, jailed, harrassed and robbed from their land and their country...Happy christmas anyway because christmas means hope...so lets hope for better days !

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