Sharon's next move toward peace: isolate the new PA after isolating Arafat

After isolating Arafat, Israel is now putting direct and indirect pressure (through Europe and the US) on the Palestinian authority and the next elections: 1) claiming that it will prevent the 200000 palestinian voters living in the occupied east Jerusalem from voting if Hamas is an eligible official party in the elections, 2) cutting european and US aid if Hamas is an official party eligible in the elections. The results of these pressures are likely to reinforce Hamas... which entitle Israel now to predict the collapse of Abbas and to claim that "At this point, Mahmoud Abbas is so weak in relation to Hamas that he is unable to implement the smallest decision."
And you call this strategy a strategy for peace ? In fact Sharon's strategy for peace is taking unilateral decisions weakening the PA and refusing to engage in talks with the palestinians and you call this man a man of peace ? There will be no peace in this because this is a strategy for fueling anger among the palestinians and pushing peace away. Sharon's strategy is 'fuite en avant' ...to delay indefinitely the peace process and to put it in 'formaldehyde' according to his former foreign minister speaking to Haaretz...

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