Assault On Iran !

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, it is now matter of time. Well before, an Iranian friend noticed a web site where everybody can download war games: http://www.kumagames.com/
The site features an 'Assault on Iran' game since October but probably it was there well before. Nobody in the press is talking about it so Iranian president bellicose declarations may seem out of the picture but they are not. US operations have been going on in Iran for a long time.

Scott Ritter, the former UN Chief Weapons Inspector in Iraq wrote an article in April 2005 on Al-Jazeera's website titled 'sleepwalking to disaster in Iran' arguing that the Iran war had started and the western press is ignoring it and that one day when it will intensify, citizens will be surprised but the press cannot play the same game as with Iraq, dissimulating real information and then appearing surprised ! The escalation have been going on for a long time.

However, with the unpopularity of the Iraq war at home the US might have decided to leave the matter for Israel to strike, the permission was even explicitly given in a declaration by vice-president Cheney a while ago on TV. Hence the declarations of the Iranian president against Israel recently. Ahmadi-Nejad may seem like a fool and out of touch, but make no mistake, even if he is being completely tactless, awkward and probably naïve, he is answering a real threat and his reactions are being misunderstood because people in the west are disinformed. The information is being filtered by the web of complicity, connivance and corruption existing between most of corporate western media, their owners and the governments, a web that was specially strong in the US during theIraqk war.

Who would have started the hostilities in the Iran/Israel/Us war ? The western press wants you to think it is the Iranian president while in fact, it is the US and its satellite in the middle east, Israel. But you cannot make this judgment because you don't have the whole information, some of it is being carefully hidden and what you read about the wars of the empire is being carefully selected.

In the meanwhile, you can enjoy a game of war against Iran.
This is an interactive game, the US army will collect your feedback and integrate it in its strategy. And when the real war will begin to make Iranoilfieldss secure for the US, the frontier between reality and fiction would have been obscured by the campaign of disinformation and the lies and the hiding of facts and the games and all the rest.
Frankly, do you call this a democracy ? Are you happy living in the illusion of Democracy ? I think that a declared non democratic authoritarian regime, however ugly it might be, is healthier for the conscience and for the intellect than the illusion of democracy. Because you can always fight a declared tyranny but how can one fight an illusion or a hidden agenda ?

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