Everybody speaks good of a fallen man

Everybody in the middle east is thinking what Iran's president is saying. Because nobody is going to convince me that Sharon is a man of peace, he is a criminal, he is a butcher, he is a bully and he is not a statesman or an intellectual. He is tyranny, savagery and agressiveness. Even his political allies might be rejoicing at the fall of the man.
However not everybody speaks his mind as naively as Iran president does. Where the hell did they fish such a man. He does not even understand that in the age of the media, words are the most decisive thing and his harsh words about Israel, jews, the holocaust and Sharon recently are isolating him and serving Iran's ennemies or, according to The Guardian analysts, he may be capitalizing at home with such an anti-Israel rugged war of words and he may not be a total naïve after all !

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