Games of war

'' Military game maker Kuma Reality Games has created an ongoing war game based on incidents from the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The game is updated as events on the ground change. Currently, there are more than 62 different missions that you can choose from.
In one mission you are a US soldier going from building to building trying to avoid enemy sniper fire, and must gain entry into their hideout without killing civilians.
Keith Halper, CEO of Kuma Reality Games, said in a news release: "We are utilising advanced game technology to recreate the historical events at the centre of Saddam Hussein's trial.
"These games allow people to educate themselves on critical events shaping history using powerful interactive tools, while also providing a dynamic forum for exploration and discussion."''

If you want a correct update on the wars of the empire don't read newspapers, at least not US and western newspapers, go to Kumagames website.

Right now they have a game called 'Assault on Iran' in which they try to configure secret US operations that have been going on in Iran and figure out the next war !

''With US Attacks Iran, we follow the lead of networks like The History Channel and Discovery in bringing news headlines to life with speculative re-creations. "What sets us apart is that our audience actually gets to participate, experiencing the news - and perhaps news yet-to-come - in free, playable simulations utilising advanced game technology."'' Says Keith Halper, Kuma Reality Games CEO.

Yes, US citizens get their education about international politics from games. Why not enjoy while destructing other civilisations and assassinating other people ? Have fun but then don't complain when something like 9/11 happens. History is connected, every piece is related to what comes before. I think this what the US still have to educate its citizens about !

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