Germany provided passports to Mossad agents

''The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has provided the Mossad espionage agency with German passports used for carrying out missions in the Middle East, the German newspaper Koelner Stadtanzeiger reported Saturday.The paper quoted a former senior official in the German intelligence service as saying that Mossad agents used German passports for undercover operations in Middle Eastern countries, which he did not name.A spokesman for the BND confirmed that his organization is cooperating with the Mossad, but refused to respond to the reported information that the organization supplied the Mossad with passports.
The Mossad and the German intelligence service have been cooperating since the 1950s, and according to previous reports published on the matter, the German intelligence service had supplied the Mossad with passports and other documents. ''

Mossad agents have used other citizenships to carry out operations outside Israel, sometimes illegally.

In this kind of association both parties must harvest mutual gain. But if the story is true, it is highly problematic because can somebody tell me What is Germany's interest in assassinating Hamas leaders for example other than helping the Mossad achieve its goals ?
After that will you believe that the talk about european nations guilt toward jews and its exploitation is rubbish ?

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