Unilateralism in the Israeli-palestinian 'peace' process: A misguided conception

''The illusion of Oslo has been replaced by a new illusion of unilateral separation. If Oslo disregarded issues that are central to the Palestinian people, the unilateral agenda disregards the Palestinian people itself! It is as if we'd returned to the days of Golda Meir, who used to ask with wondering eyes, "Is there a Palestinian people?" The new Israeli consensus, applauded by so many, is founded on the notion, "What we do not see does not exist," or on the campaign slogan of former PM Ehud Barak, "Them there, us here." The trouble is, those whom we don't see - those who live "there" - are a people besieged, without sources of livelihood, without control of territory, and under a crumbling local regime. True, the PA is largely the victim of its own mistakes, but Israel has had a central role in its weakening and the subsequent chaos. ''

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