Israel's responsibility as an occupier

''Put any people in the same conditions that the Palestinians have lived under during the last century and they would fare no better.
Palestinians have no control over their economy, nor do they have the freedom or opportunity to grow their economy. And so, they live with two-thirds of their population below the poverty line, 50% unemployment (with 80% of youth unemployed in Gaza). Compounding this economic deprivation is their lack of control over their lives. Palestinians continue to be victimized - by land confiscation, home demolitions, collective punishment, and control over their movements - and denied free access to the outside world (and now, even movement within their already-confined areas). And then, of course, there are the repeated acts of violence they have endured.
The despair and the anger resulting from these circumstances have distorted all aspects of daily life and have now become internalized, with potentially devastating consequences.''

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