Israel strikes Iran...and Syria

This may come very soon and Israel will be seen as the saviour of the western civilised world. The permission for it was even delivered by US vice president Dick Cheney more than a year ago.
It is no pure coïncidence that the Guradian reports today on a leaked document presented to the European commission proving Iran and, to a lesser extent, Syria, are trying and succeeding in acquiring nuclear warheads that can reach Europe, with the help of Russia and China.

The plot is the following: these countries feel threatened, try to acquire nuclear technology for warfare, China and Russia graciously collaborate, with the implicit knowledge of the US and the EU. The newly acquired material makes some, like Ahmadi-Nejad, Iran's president, feel powerful enough to make hostile declarations toward Israel. The declarations are used by Israel and its bigger western allies to contribute to the escalation and Israel acquires de facto the moral authority to strike and discipline the countries in question !

As for Syria, the escalation has been going on for a long time with the political manipulation against Syria by the US and the UN of the killing and subsequent international investigation of former lebanese prime minister Rafic Hariri. For purpose of authenticity and yes 'honesty', the document mentions also Pakistan but this country will be spared because Musharraf is a natural ally to the west right now.

Just wait until Sharon will be released by his doctors from his cardiac surgery which will be performed soon and Israel will strike and everybody will applaud ! Oh I forgot, this will happens before the Israeli elections which will be held in March of this year and Sharon will escape bribery charges which will be pending on him soon and win a landslide victory in the elections !

The process is called manufacturing consent, dubbed like this by nobody else than the most prominent intellectual fighting and knowing well the US empire, Noam chomsky ! But you may call this imperial irresponsibility and contempt for middle eastern-muslim people and regimes which will backfire against US citizens and soldiers !

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Earl said...

The situation regarding an attack on Iran has gone from possible to likely to almost certain lately, and much has broken loose in the news in the last days. While war has been the aim of the neocons in the U.S. and Zionist government in Israel for some time, the world has been hoping and trying for a more sane approach, and one based on other than lies. Any attack on Iran presents a clear danger to not only the Middle East, but to the world, for it could even mean WW3, with horribile possiblities.

Since March 29th 2006