Israel to freeze PA funding

Israel decided to withhold 35 million dollars destined to the PA saying that the money may end in financing terrorrist activities alluding to the Hamas victory. Hamas was elected by the palestinian people with overwhelming majority. After Victory, Hamas announced that it has the intention of forming a palestinian army, a smart and legitimate move. Israel is sending the message that the palestinians have no right to elect whoever they want to elect and if this is the case, they, the occupier, will cut funding. In addition, Israel is also sending the message that Hamas in government are a bunch of terrorrists. However, Hamas resorted to terror only as means for resistance against the occupier while Fatah, the ruling party, was engaged in nothing else than submissive and damaging 'negociations' with Israel.

''The blocked funds essentially correspond to sales tax revenues and customs duties levied on imported products coming into the Palestinian territories and crossing Israel.''

In the past Israel used this strategy on various occasions and even retained some of the funding to pressure the palestinians.

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